Second surgery completed for Tree Man

treeSecond surgery of the Bangladeshi ‘Tree Man’, Abul Bajandar has been with success completed at the capital of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on Sabbatum.

The second surgery has been administrated to the top of Abul’s hand gliding joint and also the palm of his hand.

The surgery was conducted from 12pm to 2:30pm on the day, by the medical team light-emitting diode by the DMCH burn and cosmetic surgery department chief Md Abul Kalam United Nations agency is additionally the chief of the 9 members medical board assigned for Abul.

Earlier, the primary surgery of Abul’s 5 fingers of his hand was with success completed on Feb twenty.

Professor Dr Md Abul Kalam told reporters that they need to maneuver slowly and thoroughly. He mentioned that around fifteen surgeries maybe conducted on Abul.

‘Everything goes well until currently. Abul Bajandar still feels smart and doesn’t face the other drawback,’ he added.

The government can bear all value of Abul Bajandar’s treatment till he returns to a healthy and traditional life.

Abul, 26, United Nations agency was admitted to DMCH on Jan thirty, has been affected by a very rare genetic skin disorder epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which is additionally observed as ‘Tree Man Disease’.

The unwellness is caused by a defect within the human system.

It causes abnormal condition to human nonmalignant tumor viruses (HPVs), that eventually results in the overgrowth of scaly formations, particularly on the feet and hands.

Abul is that the fifth person within the world rumored to be affected by the unwellness.

Except Toader, the opposite 3 have genetic roots in West Java.

There is still no cure for the very rare ‘Tree Man Disease’.

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