NID will be integrated with ‘digital signatures’

nidDigital signatures are going to be more to sensible national identity (NID) cards to safeguard the non-public data of the voters of Bangladesh.

A digital signature may be a mathematical technique wont to validate the believability and integrity of a message, computer code or digital document.

The ICT ministry has suggested installation of digital signatures to the Election Commission’s National Identity Registration Wing.

The NID Wing has the information of around ten large integer voters and regarding nine large integer of them currently carry laminated NIDs.

The government has undertaken the Identification System for Enhancing Access to Services (IDEA) project to produce sensible cards to any or all Bangladeshi nationals.

Abul Khayer Md Akkas Ali, Deputy Controller, says digital signatures on sensible NID cards area unit vital and also the world organization has been suggested to stress that.

CCA may be a body operating below the ICT ministry.

The CCA official hoped the world organization can comply with digital signatures, that area unit ‘different from a standard signature’.

Ali explained that the digital signature would have a ‘public key’ and a ‘private key’, which is able to stop anyone aside from a smartcard holder from tweaking or dynamic data.

‘Some organizations will use a locality of the data if they follow the foundations,’ he said.

The digital signature is crucial for the protection of data in on-line services, he added.

EC Secretary Md Sirazul Islam told aforementioned, ‘Digital signatures can guarantee error-free data on the one hand and secure the data on the opposite.’

However, he failed to say once the sensible cards are going to be distributed.

The secretary aforementioned the opposite organizations that require to visualize fingerprints, signatures, and alternative data provided within the NID cards won’t face any drawback once digital signature is enclosed.

According to the ICT Division, it’ll value the country a lot of if the digital signatures area unit more to the sensible cards when the cards area unit distributed.

‘The individuals could face harassment throughout the interim amount. Secret and sensitive data of the State and people is also taken,’ the ICT division aforementioned.

The digital signature and digital certificate problems were enclosed within the ICT Act and CCA was established in 2006.

CCA is that the authority to produce digital signatures to candidates.

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